Power Tower Co. (PTC)

was incorporated in 2004 and registered under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Commercial Registration No.4030148553. The primary focus was ground-up commercial construction in the fields of Electrical, Civil, Electro-Mechanical, and telecommunications. The company proudly process in engineering, construction, testing, and commissioning turn-key construction projects in the following major fields:

High Voltage Substation

Power System Networks including HV & EHV 

Other Electrical Schemes

PTC Services:

EPC Projects in the field of electrical power systems as OHTL, UG cable & substation for HV.

Maintenance projects for HV & EHV OHTL include all activities as :

  • Replacement of conductors and its fittings.
  • Replacement of insulators and its fittings.
  • Rehabilitation of foundations.
  • Flood protection.
  • Crash barriers.

Maintenance projects for HV & EHV UG cables:

  • Civil work
  • Cable laying
  • Jointing & terminations

EPC electrical distribution projects.

EPC electro-mechanics projects.

Maintenance projects for national water lines.

Maintenance projects for Oil & Gas.

EPC & maintenance projects for telecommunication systems.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Improving our Future We Strive to Achieve Consistent and Long-term Growth of Our Business, Focusing on the Satisfaction of Our Clients, Suppliers, Employees, and Communities.

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Our Vision

PTC ‘s vision is to be a leader in its Home markets – the customer’s first choice – in  construction and project development. we are working to assist our clients in making Their dreams become a reality.

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Our Credentials

Client Powertower

Our Credentials

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13Saudi Provinces Local Presence

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  • Jeddah, Al-Khalidiya district, Abdullah Aba Al-Khail Street, Building No. 850223422 P.O. Box 2927
  • 966122800220
  • info@powertower.com.sa